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What’s Inside this Naturally Nutritious FaceUp formula? It Tightens, Tones and Renews our Skin.

It’s not just the ingredients but the combination and proportions of these specially selected constituents that bring to life this nourishing, tightening, toning formula. In FaceUp, each ingredient adds its own potent effect. 

FaceUp slows down the aging of skin by hydrating and acting as an anti-inflammatory. This formula can help quell the redness and itching that is seen in eczema, and psoriasis. Because it behaves as an antioxidant, FaceUp guards against sun damage, and the premature aging that follows. It moisturizes and reduces wrinkles. while assisting with wound healing. Over time, FaceUp benefits and improves the firmness and elasticity of skin.

B-3, NIACINAMIDE can help repair the outer protective skin layer. It supports the diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles while it tightens lax pores and helps ameliorate uneven skin tone.

FRANKINCENSE OIL and ROSE OIL and Jojoba Oil  moisturizes, and soothes while adding antimicrobial, anti- fungal, and antioxidant support.

Spread a few drops of FaceUp serum on your fingertips and massage the serum into the facial skin. You may feel tightening immediately. Visible effects are often noticed in the first week of use. Use consistently twice a day for stronger skin and a healthier appearance.

Disclaimer – Every ‘Body’ is different, not all skin types react the same way. If you experience any irritation, at all, stop using this product. 

Created by Master Formulator of Flying Game, Mastro, Andrew Levine


FaceUp Ingredients


Reduces inflammation, may slow skin aging, prevents sun damage, improves appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.


Has an anti-aging effect by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and sagging neck skin. Increases skin firmness, is anti-inflammatory, tightens skin by causing muscles to contract, and behaves as an antioxidant.


Hydrates while acting as an anti-inflammatory. It helps quell redness, itching, eczema, and psoriasis. It guards against skin damage, and premature aging.


Moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, helps wound healing, and improves firmness and elasticity.


Improves surface structure, smoothes wrinkles, is anti-inflammatory, helps repair the function of the outer protective skin layer, supporting the diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles. It tightens lax pores and helps ameliorate uneven skin tone.


Strengthens skin, improves tone, acts as a protectant that lifts and tightens skin, it is also anti-microbial.

ROSE OIL, 5%, with Jojoba Oil: 

Rose oil has antioxidant effects and can help reduce wrinkle formation. It is antibacterial and helps prevent acne.

Jojoba oil moisturizes, and soothes. It is antimicrobial, anti- fungal, and acts as an antioxidant.

Use a tiny amount on clean, slightly damp skin twice a day. Spread a few drops of the serum on your fingertips and massage into the skin. You will feel the tightening effect nearly immediately. Visible effects may be noticed in the first week of use.